Differences Between Bitmap Font and Vector Font

Let’s talk about the main differences between vector graphics and bitmaps. Vector graphics are made up of lines and paths which can be either curved or straight. In contrast, bitmaps or raster graphics are made up of pixels. Read this short review before you start using a bitmap font generator online.

Vector Font Vs Bitmap Fonts

Bitmap Graphic Formats

Bitmap graphic images come together through several single pixels of various colours and are laid out in a grid form. The image quality is determined by the nature of the pixels. The higher the number of pixels, the higher is the image quality. Vice versa, the lesser the pixels, the poorer the image quality. Bitmap images or bitmapped fonts require a certain amount of care when it comes to expansion or blowing up the image. They usually tend to get blurry when over expanded, but otherwise, they are easily manageable. One can use bitmap fonts in casino and social games.

Some of the common bitmap graphic formats are:

  • BMP
  • Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)
  • Exchangeable Image File (EXIF)
  • Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
  • Tag Image File Format (TIFF)

Vector Graphic Formats

Vector graphics are made up of mathematical formulas. These formulas analyse and determine a series of points to form a larger image, which is formed through shapes and lines that have a set path. The most common usage of vectors is seen in line arts, logos, fonts etc.

Some common vector graphic formats used on a computer are:

  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • AutoCAD drawing exchange format (DFX)
  • Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)
  • Adobe PDF format (PDF)

Vector Font Vs Bitmap Fonts

Bitmaps Vector
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Bitmap graphics are best for images that require a wide range of colour compositions. It cannot be increased in size without compromising image quality. Vector font graphics are scalable without compromising on image quality. Vector images are better for images that require a few areas of solid colour.
Bitmap graphics have depth. Bitmap graphics files tend to be very large and heavy. Vector files are lighter. Vectors provide a flat background.
Bitmaps texts and graphics use pixels which give them depth. It does not resize well. Vector text and graphics use Bezier curves which are scalable. It cannot display detailed image properties.

Bitmap and Vector Fonts FAQs

Rasterising is the way an image that is stored as an outline is converted into pixels. It is done so that it can be displayed on a screen or becomes printable.
Vector graphics are used in many modern days design software. They are mainly used for designing purposes. Below are some of the design software applications where vector graphics are used Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, CorelDraw, InDesign, CAD systems, Adobe Photoshop, Quark, and Animation tools.
In order to use a bitmap typeface generator online, first, open the generator. Then whichever letters you wish to use, drag and drop it on the generator. Once you do that, the letters will get highlighted. Then select the font, enter font size and match character height. Then select export and texture options. Press OK to export. A bitmap font generator also serves the purpose of a bitmap font editor in case you need to make changes to a particular font.
Rasterising a layer allows the user to convert a vector into a pixel. It serves the role of a converter. In vector layers, the image is made up of geometric formulas that create the components of your image. This is apt for graphics that are required to have clean edges.