Bitmap Fonts in Games

The gaming industry is presently big like Hollywood, and it continues to expand every year. Excellent designs are partly responsible for the progress of various great video games.

Video Games Fonts

Whether it is the vivid graphics on a landing page of a website, or social media posts used to market the games or the preview pictures on the App Store page, it’s these designs that draw the attention of more ‘potential target audience to download games and try them out in the first place. And every bitmap font writer uses this as an excellent opportunity. Hence vector font types and bitmap graphics are favourite elements for designers.

Do Video Games Use Bitmap Graphics?

Yes, online video games use bitmap character graphics. The maker teams of online video games use them for both PC and mobile versions of their games. They are used in non-line art images. They are used specifically when it comes to scanned artworks or detailed graphics of digitised photographs. If one wants to design non-line artworks, it is best done in the raster form. It allows one to add chromatic gradations, compositions that can be complex and various shapes and lines that are undefined. Font sizes in simple games often don’t vary, and bitmapped fonts should be stress-free for cross-platform concerns (font-formats and font execution quality).

Fonts Used in Video Games

There are several fonts that are used while programming video games. Here are some examples:

Helvetica Now Luminari Odibee Sans Bodoni
Uni Sans Giveny ITC Bauhaus Didot
Futura Bogart Univers Garamond
Glober Cambria OCR-A Baskerville
Modesto Neue Swift Building Exo
Aileron Warton Geomancy Museo Sans

Video Games Fonts

To choose the most suitable gaming font, you have to think about genre, tone, and audience and the multiple roles that text plays in video games. Each of these functions may serve wildly various purposes, and the font style must be fit for the context. Applying a different font in different scenarios may not always work the best. From a design viewpoint, this can begin with visual variance, which breaks immersion.

The real challenge is to pick an ideal font while also maintaining a low count in total. Maintaining consistency is absolutely imperative. One should be cautious about changing fonts too many times. Instead, one can experiment with background, style, colour, orientation, position etc. Finally, if you haven’t already, make sure you clean up the different types of fonts.

Let us take a look at some situations where one would have to choose fonts in a gaming scenario. A huge part of the gaming experience is influenced by the kind of gaming fonts that are used. Another factor that influences the choice of a font is the genre of the game. Each genre has a certain family of fonts that suits its tonality and environment the most.

Some genres are as follows:

  • Puzzle games
  • Horror
  • Platformer
  • Metroidvania

Bitmap Fonts in Casino Slots

Online casino games fonts Online Casino Games Fontsare heavily influenced by the genre and category of games they use. Casino games have many worlds that provide an immersive experience to the players. Here is where bitmap text fonts come into use. They are created to be attractive and complement the background rather than be too jarring and take away the player’s focus.

Fonts Used for Slot Machine Symbols

Slot machine symbols need to be big and bold in order to stand out and be attention-grabbing. All slot machines have reels with standalone pictures and numbers on them. The most common slot machine font used for symbols is Clarendon Bold.

Bitmap Fonts in Games FAQs

It is a category of digital images that uses pixels or image components. These components are laid in a grid to form a larger picture. The interesting thing about raster graphics is that each picture in a raster graphic can be of a different colour. It allows one to create a complex image.
Fantasy games share a similar space with adventure games in the minds of the players. They often involve quests and magic to keep the player enticed. For such kind of environment, thin serifs fonts are good choices as they do not take away attention.
When it comes to selecting a good casino font, LHF Chicago Script is considered one of the classic fonts. It goes well with various themes.
A bitmap typeface is generally known to be a cluster of glyphs. These contain alphabets and accessories like punctuations and numerals, which have a common design principle.