Glyphite Bitmap Fonts

Bitmap fonts are making a comeback to this new world. Glyphite is a wonderful, quick, and reasonable Bitmap font creator. Our huge collection allows you to select from a vast choice of high-quality pre-sets and tweak shadows, strokes and fills to your profound liking. Once you are done, you can export in the standard BMFont format.
Bitmap Font Generator Styles
What is a font Bitmap? If we oversimplify, we can tell that it is a pixel font.
Glyphite satisfies the creative needs of everyone, from designers to engineers to advertisers. We have smoothed out the experience so that making spectacular text effects will be a very simple procedure for you. The application performs fonts Bitmap both on Windows and Mac.

How to Use Bitmap Font Generator Online?

Free Bitmap Fonts GeneratorFree Bitmap Fonts Generator can be used to create a new Bitmap-only font. If you want to create a new font, go to File->New to create a new font, and then Element->Bitmap Strikes Available to add some strikes to it.
As soon as you add a strike to a new font, the font will become a Bitmap text. Click to select the letters that you’d like included in your exported font. Selected letters will get highlighted. Select the font that you’d like to use in the ‘Font’ dropdown.

STEP 1 Go to file – New
STEP 2 Create a new font
STEP 3 Element – Bitmap Strikes Available to add some strikes
STEP 4 Click to select the letters

Create Beautiful Fonts with Glyphite

We at Glyphite help you create customized Bitmap fonts for your web platform that have one concrete image, or a portion of texture charts, assigned to each letter used by the font. This makes the font’s size fixed and can only be scaled up and down. They are ideal for low-image quality usage.
Bitmap Font has the following advantages:

  1. They can be rendered faster and much easier than any other font.
  2. Outputs are exactly the same for unscaled Bitmap fonts when they are displayed in the same display.
  3. Easy to create as compared to other fonts.
  4. Bitmap fonts are also used in online video games.
  5. You can export your designs as Bitmap fonts in any format, from any modern browser.

Create beautiful text instantly by choosing from hundreds of pre-built effect styles

Advanced compositing. You can use any number of strokes, fills, and shadows to achieve the perfect style for your text. Effects update live as you edit them, but are composited at the end to give you optimal performance.

Tweak everything

  • Font Style
  • Line Height
  • Letter Spacing
  • Kerning

Every detail of the font’s appearance is under your control.

Optimize performance

Optimize your Bitmap font with advanced spriting options.

Bitmap Fonts FAQs

A font is a set of text characters in a specific size and style. In other words, we can say that a computer font is a data file in the digital format which contains a group of characters, symbols, or glyphs that are graphical.
It is a font that is comprised of several pixels that make up a single character. A Bitmap font is a type of font that stores glyphs as arrays of pixels (known as Bitmap). It is also known as a raster font. Bitmap fonts are groups of raster images.
Bitmapped fonts have each character made up of a grid of pixels. They are fixed and cannot be changed in shape or size, or resolution without loss of image quality. Outline fonts, on the other hand, are made up of mathematically placed series of curves, lines and hints. They are scalable to any size with a high-resolution output.
Yes, the base pack is 100% free to use and create.

Meet the team

Jeffrey Capshaw profile Picture
Jeffrey Capshaw
Greg Foley
Jeffrey and I have been working together since 2012. Early last year, we left our jobs at and ventured out on our own to start a new business. Three months later, Glyphite was born.
We started Glyphite to provide an easier way to explore fonts, build beautiful text effects, and export sprites on any platform to use in games, apps, and websites. We want this tool to subtly guide you through the process of using stunning fonts in any application, from the very first design all the way to the final user experience.
Glyphite is currently in Beta, so we may not have met this goal yet. Please bear with us as we work towards bringing this tool to its full potential. If you like, you can provide feedback as you use the app so that we can better understand your needs.